How to protect young people from negative aspects of social media?

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Every day you exposed to Instagram posts that make you miserable in your coach because somehow everybody else having so much fun but you don’t. It is even worse for the influencers with their perfectly photoshopped images and fancy bags and cars.

We as humans evolved to improve ourselves by social comparison, and yet it is good to socially compare ourselves to a certain extend. However, comparing ourselves with fancy influencers with unrealistic lives that are far from our natural environment is a new phenomenon for us. And we still don’t know how it affects our mental health.

Promising novel field that combines neuroscience and marketing

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Neuromarketing is an interdisciplinary field, which combines traditional marketing strategies, and neuroscience. It aims to develop an understanding of consumer behavior by examining neural responses in the brain.

The term neuromarketing is not associated with a specific person however, it was assumed that, marketing researcher Ale Smith has coined the term in 2002.

For decades, marketing companies seek to know consumer’s perceptions, and they mostly rely on customer surveys and pilot studies. …

Data knows better than yourself!

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Without any doubt, Big Data plays a huge role in our day to day preferences. Algorithms monitor your likes in social media channels, they know what you have been searching in search engines recently. As a result, marketing experts target you with the products that you would like to purchase.

Our mobile phones, and social media accounts serve as a marketing tools, and they are way more effective than traditional marketing channels. Traditional media channels like Tv commercials are designed to reach thousands of people regardless of their personal interests. Digital Marketing tools, on the other hand can reach people…

Evolutionary explanation of “irrational” consumer behavior

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Today most of the studies argued that consumer behavior can not solely depend on rationality. Buying decision is considered as logical phenomena, in which the price and quality of the product evaluated objectively by the consumer. However, our mind is working in a more complex attitude, and evolutionary psychology can help us to understand the consumer mind on “irrational” choices.

Recently, marketing specialists interested in neuroeconomics and neuromarketing to have a better understanding of consumer behavior. …

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